BANG! The winter is here

You may be forgiven for not realising it thanks to the blue skies and 20°C + temps outside, but the 2012 season has begun!Saturday 13th August was the unofficial start to winter as Burton Snowboards teamed up with Sputnik Snowboard Shop on Marlow to launch the new season’s worth of Burton kit and get everyone amped for the fun times ahead…

From the press release:

With the Burton website going live, and product hitting shelves left, right and centre across the UK the excitement was just to much for some. Sputnik was the UK storm shelter, a store now at full throttle for the winter! Filled with new hardware and soft goods, snowboard movies on the TV and the Sputnik crew boot fitting like crazy it was hard to remember it is in fact mid August. With outfits being tried on and boards being set-up, the BBQ and drinks outside was tricky to get to.

Through the shop and out the back into the garden was the BBQ, locals and customers alike ate an array of chicken, beef burgers and hot dogs, whilst sipping on a cold beer and pouring over the new 2012 product catalogues. A skate session started next door, the locals couldn’t resist a chance to skate whats probably the most expensive tile shop in the world with a nice little four set and plaza style gap.

A restricted tent towards the back of the garden held the Burton meat eaters collection, sputnik is only one of three stores in the uk to house these limited edition boards, also hiding out here was restricted outwear and bindings. These products don’t hang about on the shop floor very long and with a restricted Custom going out the door first thing be sure to jump on these fast!!

The evening flowed out of the store and down the road to the local pub, giving the Sputnik crew a hard earned rest and more importantly a drink. Celebrations carried into the early hours of the morning, hyped on the fact that a new season is here.

So if you’ve yet to check it out get down to your local Burton retailer or check out

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