Back from Greece

We’ve just returned from a shred trip to the cradle of Western Civilisation – Greece – and it was all time. Tom Hunt, Tom ‘Smithy’ Smith and Jack Shackleton joined us for five days of chasing the snow around one of the most beautiful countries in Europe.

A quick run-down of events include a visit to Delphi, powder turns, dodgy tattoos, Gipsies, tons of snow, Souvlakis, staying at an amazing winery, local shreds, dead dogs and one of the most enjoyable riding experiences of the last few years. The full story will be out at the beginning of next season and we’re stoked to put it together for you.

In the meantime, check out the spots we visited – Mt Parnassos and Kalavryta – and if you’re looking for a last minute shredestination for this winter I would unreservedly recommend a trip to either. Don’t expect US style lift facilities, but do expect an adventure of a lifetime!

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