Arbor's Costa Nostra Tour 2017 at Bearsden Snowsports Club, Glasgow, UK. © Neil MacGrain 2017. All Rights Reserved.

Arbor’s ‘Cosa Nostra’ tour – When Bryan Iguchi came to Scotland

As a part of the promo tour for their new shred movie Cosa Nostra, Arbor Snowboards riders Bryan Iguchi, Frank April and Charles Reid headed north of the wall to Scotland to to sample some of the drinks, dungeons and dryslope that our fair nation has to offer.

Arbor Snowboards team riders Bryan Iguchi, Frank April and Charles Reid visited the all new flagship Freeze Pro Shop store in Edinburgh, Scotland, recently for the Scottish premier of their latest film, Cosa Nostra.

We’d have loved to show the boys the beauty of Glencoe or take them on a splitboard tour off the top of Ben Lawers à la Patagonia’s inspiring ‘Right to Roam’, but in the absence of any snow and with only a quick day to play with, the best we could manage was to introduce them to the obscure wonder of dryslope and take them on a little tour of the capital’s finest tourist attractions and drinking dens.

Some of what ensued was captured on camera. Some was not. Some should have been. Some is probably best left to the imagination. The image of Frank April dancing cheek-to-cheek at the late-night jazz bar with a selection of random men shall remain indelibly etched to the memories of those who can vaguely remember being there – the rest of you will need to make do with our fun little edit.

Check it out, if for no other reason than seeing that patented Iguchi method thrown on plastic.

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