The Brits 2013 - Tignes - Bangers & Cash Stage One by Sam Mellis
The BRITS Bangers & Cash Rail Jam made its debut today in a snowy, windy Tignes.  Event organisers created the jam in order to celebrate the high standard of rail shredding talent coming out of the UK at the moment.  Heavy hitter Andy Nudds (25, Halifax) picked up a cool £1,000 and an impressive Becky Menday (14, Hemel Hemstead) took home the women’s prize.

This new event was designed to inspire creativity and innovation in a loose ‘jam’ style, and it exceeded all expectations.  The UK’s finest rail riders brought their ‘A’ game and made full use of the course.   Qualifications took place in the higher rail section of the Tignes snow park with the final taking place on the lower section.  Every rider that qualified for the final received £50, but the prize everyone was gunning for was the cold, hard £1,000 cash.

Andy Nudds flew in from Finland especially for this event and simply bossed it, landing a switch backside 270 gapping onto the wall ride and blowing minds with his transfer from wall-ride to down rail – which, to most looked impossible.  Coming in second was the steezy Lewis Sonvico (23, Morzine) who got the most creative with the setup, landing hardway backside 180’s and one of the scariest tricks in snowboarding; the caveman (boardsliding towards the rail before jumping on) to a variation of boardslides.  Jamie ‘upside down’ Trinder (18, Perth) came third stomping a backside rodeo onto the wall-ride.  A special mention goes out to little William Gilmore (10, Northampton) who, in the words of judge Colum Mytton was “riding like an adult” with perfect style and landing 270 onto rails.

Nuddsy was stoked on his win.  Here’s what he had to say: “I really didn’t expect to win as it is hard to know how everyone else is doing. I thought I did as much as I could though and pulled out all the tricks I wanted to. I think I rode some different lines to the other guys and overall I am really happy with how it went.”

The Brits 2013 - Tignes - Bangers & Cash Finals by Sam Mellish
The girls showed up in force and it was Protest rider Becky Menday who took home the bragging rights, gapping onto the wall-ride and 270’ing onto the down rail.  Katie Blundell (28, Devon) flew back from the States for this comp, and despite being mega jet-lagged, she busted out a signature tail grab to wall-ride and locked on a legitimate backside 180 onto the bottom down rail to claim second place.  Sabrina Burnham (24, Truro) got third spot with some nice switch-ups and front 1’s onto rails.

Here’s what Becky had to say on her win: “It is amazing, I’m so stoked. There were a lot of boxes but they were actually really good fun and I really enjoyed the course. I love being here in Tignes at the BRITS and can’t wait for the rest of the week.”

This event had everyone seriously stoking, and represented not only how the UK scene wants to ride, but also how good at riding rails us Brits have become thanks to the indoor snow domes and dry slopes across the country.

British Snowboard Championships Bangers & Cash 2013 Rail Jam Results

Men                                                           Women

1st – Andy Nudds                                1st – Becky Menday

2nd – Lewis Sonvico                          2nd – Katie Blundell

3rd – Jamie Trinder                          3rd – Sabrina Burnham


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