Analog’s Chromatic is live now

Analog has just released their latest surf film CHROMATIC highlighting two of their top athletes Nathan Fletcher and Chippa Wilson. 

Using a mix of high quality, premium HD and vintage film cameras, Director Riley Blakeway depicts visual narrative into the lives of Nathan and Chippa, as they travel the globe from Hawaii to Australia, California, France, Fiji and Central America. Chippa’s extreme aerial skills and Nathan’s jaw-dropping big wave rides are primary examples of the incredible feats humans can accomplish in nature.

“We’re really excited to bring some fresh footage from our travels around the globe, which highlight the incredible year that Chippa and Nathan have had,” says Adam Warren – Analog Marketing,  “it’s great to be able to support them by producing a work showcasing their talent.”

The word ‘chroma’ is defined by the purity of color. Analog is characterized by our team and influenced by the chroma each individual emits. “Color to me, has always been a metaphor to describe personality or character,” says Director Riley Blakeway, “Nathan and Chippa are such interesting and inspired characters, both in and out of thewater and this is something I really wanted to portray through the candid, home-video moments throughout the film. It was a pleasure to work with suchtalented surfers and such a great team.” Color defines us in existence. Color is alive. This is Chromatic.

Chromatic has already debuted in California, Japan and Australia, with upcoming premieres across Europe – watch it online today at

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