Adidas ‘Blender’ movie online now!

Last week we got to attend the premiere of the new Adidas supported shred movie ‘Blender’ and it’s a pretty sick effort. The movie is a personal effort from Adidas rider Tommy Gesme alongside Louif Paradis, Derrek Lever, Ben Bilodeau, Craig Cameron, and more. At fifteen minutes, the movie is short and sweet, shot with a mix of 16mm and HD footage

The Minnesota native, who was recently turned Pro by both adidas Snowboarding and Salomon, has had a quick come-up in recent years, championed by standout video parts and unparalleled style that has caught the attention of many worldwide.

Adidas team manager Alex Sherman said “Tommy’s style and approach to the snowboarding he does is something people wish they were born with. He’s on top of his game and definitely deserves to be added to the list of global pros on our squad. He’s blessed us with multiple video parts over the years but he’s really just getting started and will continue to put his stamp on freestyle snowboarding for years to come.”

Video directed and edited by Colton Feldman.

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