Ride the Snake!

Mathieu Crépel and Act Snowboarding magazine invited 15 international riders last weekend to Chamonix to express their virtuosity on a snake run – Halfway between a classic half pipe and a skate-board bowl, this massive structure and winding snow offered the riders a spot at which to get creative and have fun
At the end f the event, Markku Koski was awarded “Snake Charmer” 2016 unanimously by the riders, for his creativity throughout the three days of session. Check the video and image below!
Ride Group - ©David Tchag _MG_4469


Mathieu Crépel - ©David Tchag _MG_4592Anthony Holland - ©David Tchag _MG_4605Jimmy Peresson - ©David Tchag _MG_4342Jorn & Seb - ©David Tchag _8DT7350Seb Konijnenberg - ©David Tchag _MG_4056Perly - ©David Tchag _MG_4280Olivier Gittler - ©David Tchag _MG_4573Banner EVENT FB RTS 2016

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