Sunday in the Schöneben Park

Sitting in the Süd Tirol, an Italian area with strong ties to Austria are a ton of killer little resorts that virtually nobody in the UK knows about.

Last Sunday a unique session took place at Snowpark Schöneben: Snow BBQ, bouncing beats and a great atmosphere while riders were having fun jibbing, bonking, jumping and sliding the special multi hit. The feature, especially designed and built for this day by the Schöneben shape crew, attracted numerous freeskiers and snowboarders to spend a crazy day on the mountain.

_web_schoeneben__13-03-2016__lifestyle__sb_fs__unknown__PatrickSteiner__Qparks_25This winter season, one highlight chases the other at Snowpark Schöneben: After hosting the Battle RoJal QParks Tour contest and exclusive camera shoots, a further big event took place at the park with the public special obstacle session. Park designer Moritz Klammer and his shape crew worked hard to care for perfect conditions and to present a “special” feature. The results demonstrate that the crew understands their job pretty well. The multi-hit special consists of two tubes (5m) in the shape of a T, a down rail (8m), a down rail (8m) and a donkey rail (6m).
_web_schoeneben__13-03-2016__action__sb__MariusBakken__PatrickSteiner__Qparks_12„Although the weather was not ideal at the beginning, the motivation was always right. The preparations and implementation of the plan worked out well, freeskiers as well as snowboarders were thrilled and satisfied“, park designer Moritz reports. „My personal highlight was definitely the joint BBQ session with the riders in super-relaxed atmosphere. It was great to discuss the features because everyone has a different approach.“

_web_schoeneben__13-03-2016__action__sb__MariusBakken__PatrickSteiner__Qparks_05Also the riders were more than ready to take the challenge at Snowpark Schöneben and enjoyed the session. In numerous runs, freeskiers and snowboarders alternately tried to conquer the special obstacle. At short breaks equipped with sausages and soft drinks, they could discuss their creative approaches to shred the multi hit while watching other riders. And so the day in the park was spent until the last chair.

_web_schoeneben__13-03-2016__lifestyle__sb_fs__unknown__PatrickSteiner__Qparks_14Anyone who missed the session on Sunday gets the chance to shred the special obstacle for a few weeks to come. Don’t miss the best moments of the session documented in the snowboard and freeski edit. For additional photo highlights check out the gallery. Discover more news and updates about the Snowpark Schöneben on the website, Facebook-Page and the snowpark app for iOS and Android.

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