Sarah Frutos by James North

Sarah Frutos

On a perfect day you’ll find me at first lifts or at paradise beach catching some baby waves, but I’d never hit the jump first or swim with sharks.

What is your UK home dome? I’ve never ridden in the UK but would love, I learnt indoors and I’m always keen for an indoor session

What did you get up to last season? I’m the owner of and I travelled to Val Thorens and Vars with the groups. My base was in Morzine, which was pretty amazing, I did the Stash Gathering getting first place and I went to Madrid and Les 2 Alpes for the Volcom peanut butter getting 1st and 3rd. I also went to Laax for the Pleasure Magazine Spring Session and Kaunertal for the Spring Break.

Describe your riding style in ten words or less Goofy style, soft knees and low profile, love to spin

Roughly how many days a year do you get on snow? I worked more than I’d like last season. I spent the last five summers in Les 2 Alpes, but this summer I’ve been surfing and getting strong for the season. I’m aiming for around 90 intense days this winter.

What’s the best trip you’ve been on? I went to California for three winters, it’s my favourite place to ride. I met some wonderful people who are now my best friends. Melissa, Jaime, Orla and went to Las Vegas and I won 380 dollars with just 10 bucks.

What was the last trick you learned? Frontside lip 270 out and backside 180 into a rail.

What was your first ever snowboard set up? A Burton Lux in 2008, I’ll never forget it, it was heavy and stiff as f***. Burton Lexa bindings and DC boots. I also remember my Volcom jacket and pants, full black.

What are your stance width and angles – and why? My stance is really close because I have the same hip size as a 14 year old girl. I’m goofy, -6 +6 with feet as close as possible. I learnt to ride goofy as I’m goofy when I surf.

What one piece of advice do you wish you’d been given when you bought your first board? Test before you buy, the right board makes a huge difference

Current Set Up

Snowboard Rome Wildcat 140, rocker style and flat in the middle, perfect to hit rails, that’s why I love it

Boots Rome Memphis Boa, so light and so comfortable

Bindings Rome Strut, perfect for all mountain fun

Jacket No jacket. It it’s snowing or a perfect pow day I’ll just take one of my roommate’s jackets

Pants L1, Roxy, whatever I can find for cheap!

Goggles/sunglasses Nike Sunglasses, I always ride with sunglasses and my Nike sunglasses are the best. I use them for a bad or good weather, I love them.

Gloves Rome SDS tie dye mitt lightweight, flexible and fun, perfect for a sunny day in the park

Accessories Too many…

What tweaks do you make to a new set up? I don’t know, maybe detune the edges?

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