Endeavor x Ransom Holding Co

Endeavor Snowboards from Vancouver, Canada are justifiably proud of their Archetyple R and D facility right next to their offices, where they can connive, build and test new ideas within hours of coming up with them and many of their concepts make it onto their production models.

Endeavor joined together with Ransom Holding Co. in a collaborative project to produce an original snowboard design that pays homage to the brands’ Canadian heritage.

The outcome was a board that was hand constructed of cutting edge engineering, materials and contemporary design that features a totem image from Ransom Holding Co. winter 2013 campaign photographed by Sneeze Magazine’s Nic Fensom, a nod to the Canadian origin of both brands.

The design, engineering and construction, featuring exclusive pre-tensioned fiberglass, was done within Endeavor Snowboards’ Archtype Lab in Vancouver, B.C.

After development of the project, a tightly knit crew from Ransom Holding and Endeavor Snowboards set out on an alpine expedition to test the snowboard during a 2 day stay in a remote cabin in Northern BC. The time within the mountains was spent discussing design, cooking, sledding into un-touched alpine zones in search of good snow.

This short film candidly documents the entire process from design to production through to snowboarding on the custom snowboards.

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