Nike Chosen is well underway

If you remember the Nike Chosen contest that happened before Christmas at Hemel Hempstead, you’ll recall that Andy Nudds won the event and received an invite to the final of the series to take place in Montafon, Austria. Well, the event is fully under way now and the reports that we’re getting back show it to be probably the most progressive snowboard competition of the last few years. Check out this video, it’s effing UNBELIEVABLE!

Day One – Best Line Session

The 1st day of the Sessions was all about followcam action for the AM riders as they hit up the top jib line before opting for either Wall ride features into the pipes or the kicker line. Stephan Wimmer, the Austrian Series winner, decided to ride out of his comfort zone and make full use of the Park “We have so many opportunities here, so many things to get in our run, it’s easy to pick your line, but harder to get every trick!” Keeping the other video crews guessing, the RockOnSB crew from Germany switched from their Vampire-esque Twilight spin-off edit that won them their place at the Sessions, for a retro 80’s Neon costume change as they assaulted the various stair sets with rail mayhem and haircut disasters….

With more of the Nike team showing up today to join the party Ethan Morgan ran us through the last two days “First day was cruising around, checking out the park and taking it mellow. Today really happened for sure, jumps, rails, everything was getting hit, it was great to watch and be a part of it, the weather came out as well and now we’re looking forward to the Bowl Session tomorrow, not much to complain about!”

Day 2 – The Bowl

The bowl, one of the most innovative features of the Sessions Park, got a true working from the AMs, Crews and Nike Pros in the second of the week’s sessions. With rails, hips, channels and a diving board, it didn’t take long for the riders to work their way around the countless lines on offer in this skate inspired set up. German and French Series winners Felix Georgii and Enzo Nilo set the pace hitting up the kinked wallride and the cone hip before the Nike team got to work scoping and opening up the lines of the blue tile lounge.

Nico Muller turned up and dropped straight in to a trademark super stylish bowl-to-bowl Method, Peetu Piiroinen found a line over the top of the wall and Jamie Nicholls launched a one man demonstration of how to make eyes pop with an insane transfer from the cone over to the opposite wall.
Summing up the great Session Matti Rautanen from Smallzinem, one of the 3 Chosen Video crews said
“When we saw the whole thing it was amazing, so much effort that Nike put in, I can’t believe it, thanks.”

The video shows the edit for the Best Line Session from day one and it’s a banger. Hold onto your hats because the pool session video is next… Check back tomorrow for more goings on…

Catch up on a behind the scenes edit with the crews at the Facebook page

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