Europe’s freeride heaven La Grave is under threat

La Grave is the last wild ski resort in Europe and it’s a unique part of the ski and snowboard world. With the village at 1450 and the peak of the resort at 3600m, there is just one single pisted run on the mountain at the glacier level – everything else is completely open, unpisted, unpatrolled and free for you to pick your line. Of course, such a wilderness comes with dangers, so riding with a guide is extremely encouraged, but La Grave is the stuff that dreams are made of.

And now the unique, wild nature of the place is under threat. A change in the ownership of the lease for the ski lift means that it may be taken over by a multinational company, who would change everything about the place, sanitising it and turning it into just another ski resort.

But you can help. A local group Le Signal de La Grave has been formed with the intention to keep the resort wild and the lift in local hands, with the focus on local and boost sustainable development to the region. They’ve launched an IndieGoGo campaign with the aim to get the ball rolling and you can help. There’s not many times that it’s possible to directly and visibly influence development in the ski and snowboard world, but this is one of them. With 21 days left of the campaign, they’re over half way there, so click the link and get involved.

Check out the ‘piste map’ to La Grave below. One main lift, an infinite number of ways down.


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