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“The Swiss Knife” Frederik Kalbermatten and “The Truth” Jason Robinson Join the Bent Metal Binding Works Team!

0d44c13b-20bc-4a29-9c54-7c5b55339ec5Bent Metal Binding Works is proud to officially announce Frederik Kalbermatten and Jason Robinson to the BMBW team. Two seminal backcountry freestyle legends in their prime, J-rob and Fredi combine for decades of snowboarding’s most amazing moments. With big sky and bigger terrain at the door step of Montana’s Glacier National Park it’s no wonder Jason Robinson became the limitless snowboarder and adventure seeker he is. Known for unbelievable tricks and HUGE big mountain moments Jason chases his passion around the globe. You might catch Jason driving his grease powered truck-home to Haines Alaska, skateboarding over international borders or hopping a train to the National Hobo Convention. That’s why J-rob is snowboarding’s spirit animal, showing us that the path of least resistance is also the ultimate rush. Look out for Jason and the high performance 8/10 flexing BMBW Solution bindings in TWS Insight coming this November!
To Jason’s loose flowing ying there is the precise and perfect control of Frederik Kalbermatten’s yang. Fredi lives literally at the Saas Fee gondola station. His familiarity with the mountains is elemental and has turned an already aware individual in to a hyper precise freestyle mountain guru. Not one to lose his cool, Fredi calmly spins and flips (always holding the grab) through the Alps or Caucasus or Himalayan mountains with just the right speed, just the right poke and enough fuel in the tank to stick the landing, perfectly. As one of, if not THE, best backcountry kicker riders of all time Fredi doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. Look for more flawless Fredi in Nicolas Müller’s upcoming “Fruition” and check out his BMBW Solution testimonial video featuring the carbon fiber 8/10 Flex Control Drive Plates handcrafted in the USA at Mervin Mfg.  Its all up right now at the new bentmetal.com49992be9-d62f-4832-8ae5-06be2a522ae1

Photos by Tim Zimmerman

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